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TechKooks is your one-stop shop for cutting-edge and reliable VOIP and phone system solutions. We welcome you to avail yourself of the best services. Enterprise performance in today’s digital environment depends on efficient and effective communication. Our comprehensive VoIP and phone systems services match modern enterprises’ changing needs. These services match modern company needs. We offer frictionless communication solutions that boost production, efficiency, and teamwork.

With VoIP and Phone System Solutions, we Offer

We at TechKooks offer various types of network security, and just by implementing them, you can strengthen your network. Everything ranging from unapproved entries, invasions, and other unwanted risks around your traffic and data is neutralized by network security. Check some important types of available network security

Consultation and Needs Assessment

An efficient Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and phone system solution begins with a thorough evaluation of your company’s requirements, which TechKooks can provide through consultation. To better understand your present communication setup, operational processes, and long-term objectives, we offer consultations and conduct thorough needs assessments. Issues, inefficiencies, and potential improvement spots are located by our techies through indepth study and conversation.

Whatever your problem—outdated hardware, ineffective call routing, or a lack of integration with other systems—our specialists will collaborate with you to knit a customized plan to solve it.

We examine all aspects of your current communication setup, including programs, hardware, networks, and call records.

We find the problems and obstacles in your present communication processes, such as unreliable call quality, immobility, or inefficient call routing. We review your company’s long-term goals and how the communication system can help you reach them.

Consultation and Needs Assessment
VOIP System Installation and Configuration

VOIP System Installation and Configuration

To maximize the return on investment (ROI) of your voice-over IP (VOIP) and phone system investments, we create individualized solutions based on our research that address your unique challenges.


Setting Up and Using a Voice Over Internet Protocol System, our team of trained professionals will set up and install the system shortly after determining the best solution for your company. Since we understand the importance of keeping your activities moving continuously during installation, we ensure this is not interrupted. We focus on ensuring that the VOIP system is working and fine-tuned for speed that works as soon as you reach it. Our specialists handle everything from installing software and hardware to configuring user accounts and network settings.

Customization and Integration

Our top priority is to ensure that your enterprise runs seamlessly during setup; thus, we will put in place our best effort according to your convenience. We will guarantee your networked phone calls facility is operational by carefully assessing network bandwidth, call quality, and security requirements. Before transferring ownership to them, we will conduct preinstallation thorough training for your employees on the new system. This will ensure they are familiar with it and know how to use its functions.

Customization and Integration
Customization and Integration

Customization and Integration

Our fully customizable VOIP solutions are designed to meet the exact requirements of your organization because we know that every company has distinct communication demands.

Our team is well-equipped to craft a solution that goes above and beyond your expectations whether you require:

  • 01Sophisticated call routing capabilities
  • 02Connectivity with customer relationship management systems
  • 03Ability to create bespoke reports

Maintenance and Upgrades

Problems with hardware, software, or network connectivity? No problem! We’re here to help you troubleshoot and fix any difficulties.

You can increase the potential of your VOIP system and independently resolve typical problems with our extensive knowledge base and other online tools.

Your communication system should evolve accordingly. Otherwise, you will always be deprived of the latest products and enhanced safety resulting from continual system updates. In fact, we also provide maintenance and support services that you need to keep an eye to ensure the correct and accurate functioning of your VOIP system. It is important to do periodic updates on VoIP security maintenance checks for better performance.

We make sure to update your software and system frequently to allow you to enjoy all new features, enhancements, and security fixes. We will monitor your VOIP system for any issues during operation and take appropriate measures to prevent such occurrences.

Here is another example; while browsing through it, you might encounter some discrepancies that don’t seem right at first sight, but when re-read again, they make more sense than taking them literally.

To ensure that your communication system can easily handle more users and different business needs as your company develops and expands, we assist you in planning for future scalability and development.

Maintenance and Upgrades

Why Choose us

TechKooks understands

TechKooks understands that every business has distinct communication needs and issues, yet not all companies are alike. We are professionals in providing VOIP and phone system solutions that can be customized for each customer. We can design, develop, and operate a VOIP and phone system that fits your firm. Whether you are a startup or a major industrial corporation, we have something for all of you. This applies to any business size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Instead of using traditional telephones connected via metal wires carrying sound waves from one place to another, try the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology which enables anyone to communicate with spoken words carried over internet connections.

VOIP provides expense reduction, flexibility, scalability, and more advanced options, which include call routing, conference calls, and voice-to-email transcription for messaging. Staffers can make or receive telephone calls online, which makes them more mobile. One of the perks employees get.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), configured and maintained properly, has the ability to be as secure as conventional telephone systems. We ensure that our security policies based on this technology are ahead of those hackers who are waiting to listen to us so that they can take away some data from us.

Our highly trained professionals will handle this for you. They will ensure that the processes are accomplished without your involvement.

If you encounter any kind of difficulties or any difficult situation, our team is here to help you solve all your problems at any moment during the day or night. Whether by assisting you in solving an issue or guiding you step by step through the implementation of a specific function, we are always ready to help whenever you ask for it.

Yes, in the vast majority of instances! We need a stable Internet connection for voice-overinternet protocol (VOIP) to work better. If you require it, we may help assess your current settings and recommend improvements where necessary. To experience clear calls, it is necessary to have enough bandwidth at the least possible time lapses.

Unquestionably! Go for VOIP services, as it will cut down your expenses considerably. Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is much cheaper when making calls to foreign countries unlike long distance telephone services. International service providers allow payment-as-you-go or tariffs specifically designed for foreign subscribers.

Power disruptions might be a concern for voice-over-internet protocol (VOIP) systems. Nevertheless, there are ways to get ready! In case, your home electricity grids suddenly go down, you can buy power back up options known as uninterruptible power sources (UPS) or charge storage devices that enable your voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) to function well. Furthermore, some companies offer fail-over strategies that facilitate automatic call transfer to an alternative port whenever there is a failure of electric power supplies in your house.

Numerous elements determine the call quality, such as how fast connection speeds are and how heavy the traffic is, such as the kind of device one uses to make the call. Fortunately, VOIP has greatly evolved over time. When voice calls are made using it, they sound as good as most regular phone line calls, if not better. Let our team guide you in configuring your network and the right tools, thus ensuring that you have no technical issues during this process.

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