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Cyber threats are the biggest threat to any community. The technology requirement and the cyber threat outlook are changing every moment. Finding human support and the right solution under the same roof gets tougher. Actively monitoring and maintaining the right technological environment with a proper support system is mandatory. Together, they should deal with end users’ requirements completely in this genre. At TechKooks, we have curated tailored IT services to meet the needs of each clientele in a way that can control the demand for reactive services. The efficient team of TechKooks keeps an eye on efficiency and ensures that services are delivered on time.
Perks Of Being Connected With TechKooks - Managed IT Services - TechKooks

Perks of being connected with TechKooks

TechKooks believes in the right deliverables with the best set of remedies. There are many perks of being a part of TechKooks to manage IT Services.

  • 01Get assistance from field experts
  • 02Controlled downtime and minor risk
  • 03Maintenance and Monitoring

Managed IT Service costs within your budget

Having an in-house managed IT service department can be expensive and, at times, might end up adding more stress to the organization, especially while handling the economic expenses. You can enjoy several advantages if you decide to outsource IT services to TechKooks, like

  • 01Get the best staff as per the requirement
  • 02Managed IT costs
  • 03Focus on the internal staff
  • 04Better trained personnel
  • 05Immediate response time
  • 06Efficient in terms of finance, time, and other resources
  • 0724X7 support


Our assistance is available in both remote and onsite patterns. Technology is so fast and quick that it can be solved remotely, but our team always remains available to our clients if you need onsite assistance. We want to address and solve any technological issues immediately.

Protection from Email Virus

The most scary thing in your email is a virus email that can really create a huge problem. You cannot stop them in real, and there are times when they might spoil your computer if you are unaware of the right way to handle them. At TechKooks, we provide email filtering software to our clients so that the risk happening due to spam, phishing emails, malware, and spyware can be avoided. 

Designed to fit

TechKooks delivers tailored IT support services to match any budget or organization size. We know the right way to meet customers’ needs, which keeps on changing from time to time. Our team comprises the best and most experienced, highly skilled people who are keen to deliver your projects and tasks in a skilled way. Our clients are not required to spend their time in training new employees in this stream as we handle all this with ease. 

Updated Technology

We excel in providing updated services by keeping our team technologically updated. We want confirmation that you will never have to delay your success due to any technological issues. We update our devices., applications, programs, and everything in between so that your success never takes a break.

Managed IT Service Delivery Overview

Centralization assistance

  • Improvised network security solutions keep on updating with time.
  • Computed Cloud services remedies.
  • Managing, implementing, and regularly experimenting with disaster and backup recovery systems.
  • Regular improvised final security solutions.
  • Monitoring, updating, and maintaining proactive network.
Centralization assistance - TechKooks
Technology Consulting - TechKooks

Technology Consulting (vC10)

  • Continuously checked and improvised technology summary, which comprises planned upgrades, risk management, project, and present environment.
  • Updated improvised business requirement planning includes upskilled technology, resource management, and IT objectives.
  • System lifecycle, network, and annual budget planning recommendations

Network Administration

  • Control over network security, authentification, and access
  • Instant alert response
  • Continuously upskilled technology documentation
  • Regular and efficient proactive technology maintenance handling
  • Designing, working, and executing optimal network configuration
Network Administration - TechKooks
Client assistance - TechKooks

Client assistance

  • Assigning a completely dedicated Account Manager
  • Planned onsite all the time engineering support
  • 24X7 assistance round the clock
  • Enjoy a service team that is completely dedicated and skilled to serve the different sets of clients.
  • Including the highly reliable NOC ( Network Operations Center) 
  • To attain control over third-party technology providers such as copiers, ISPs, print vendors, telephony vendors, and more.

Why Choose us

Tailored managed IT services just for you.

At TechKooks, we design our proposal based solely on the client’s requirements. Through our thorough assessment, we offer a tailored proposal to our clients comprised of end-user support, security remedies, and more to meet the client’s present and future requirements.

Clarity about Pricing

We make our agreements, including all kinds of fees, and keep nothing hidden from our clients so that our clients never feel lost during the work process. We charge for only the service asked for at the rates already discussed. Our clients can plan their budget beforehand so surplus charges never fall within their budget.

Round-the-clock Assistance

At TechKooks, our clients have the liberty to reach out to us at any point in time for any technical concerns. If field engineers are needed, we assist them in the shortest time. We have access to various geographical locations, and our Field engineers are all set to assist with onsite assistance, too, after any issues. In case you fall away from the set location, we arrange engineers through our network so that their work never pauses. 

Response time and Guaranteed service

We provide services based on guaranteed SLA, depending upon the seriousness of the problem. A ticketing system is followed throughout. We deliver immediate response. Users can expect an immediate response due to this and can get their problem solved to the earliest.

Frequently Asked Questions

We at TechKooks work in a planned way. We start with a network assessment. We believe in delivering the best technological assistance while ensuring that client’s assets can be protected and operational growth can be taken care of. We start with an assessment followed by building our IT team and checking the onboarding process. We provide 24/7 assistance and also take care of strategic planning.

Try the mentioned services from us under managed IT Services:

  1. Managed IT Services
  2. Staff Augmentation
  3. IT Counseling in a strategic way
  4. Compliance

Not at all. You can simply mail us or connect with us through the number of customer assistance. We can assure you of the best assistance.

TechKooks never believes in overcharging or charging to the point that the customer has to compromise with their budget. We plan the services as per the requirement of the client and try to deliver the same spontaneously. We actually save our clients’ money as they no longer have to maintain a separate team to take care of the technical part. Cyber threats will no longer be a headache for you. We are economical for sure!

The answer can be almost all industries. Cyber threats are common anywhere, everywhere, and we believe in rescuing you from any cyber issues. To name a few, our clients are from these industries:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Real Estate
  3. Law
  4. Finance
  5. Education
  6. Non-Profit Organization
  7. Constructions
  8. Small Business
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