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In the 5G technology, we at TechKooks believe in staying ahead in all your shifting needs to place you ahead in the ongoing value. This simply invites the mixed power of technology and people. It is indeed a very strong power that we are discussing. The IT/OT integration and the utilization of the Internet of Things in production and office networks are often viewed as a mutual advantage for industrial companies because they bring about the digitalization of processes and cross-company collaboration through ecosystems. They, however, make the internet more vulnerable to cyber security risks, too. Through Network Security, we at TechKooks offer all-inclusive security for systems andplants.

Network Services Evolution

Network Services Evolution

The network intelligence capability in our business is working with communication service providers to bring about speedier, more effective, and more accurate services for their customers. It becomes achievable due to AI and data-driven deployment, which are good for cost reduction; at the same time, the pace of the process is accelerated by up to 50%. This approach also contributes to a real 99% first-time-right build, an opportunity to reduce and maximize investments.

  • 01Service continuity
  • 02Anticipating issues before they happen
  • 03Data-driven approach.

Network Security Threats and Attacks

Malware is an example of a software attack that infiltrates a computer or infects an intelligent system. Multiple types of malware attacks exist to accomplish a certain malicious activity. Attackers use malware as one of many tools for reaching different goals. Let us understand what their goals are

  • 01Illegitimate data access
  • 02Blocked access
  • 03Deleting or copying the sensitive information they need
  • 04Disrupting the operating system
  • 05Disrupting entire to the point where they are not anymore

Perks of Working with TechKooks

We at TechKooks offer various types of network security, and just by implementing them, you can strengthen your network. Everything ranging from unapproved entries, invasions, and other unwanted risks around your traffic and data is neutralized by network security. Check some important types of available network security

Multilayer Defense-in-Depth concept

Protecting individual spots is no longer an option for withstanding various threats. Our defense-in-depth concept is strengthened by zero-trust principles and is supported by three pillars.

Products hardened ex-works

We keep our development process and factories up-to-date and add hardening features straight to the assembly line. This signifies that embedding so-called security vulnerabilities is prohibited from the beginning, and security settings can be configured or specified during the assembly line. We try our best to deliver a set of products that that can handle the newest cyber threats by incorporating the latest knowledge into their protection.

Proactive protection against threats

Following the charter of trust and with our own incident response team, we actively ensure that the latest malware technologies are always available for our customers and factories’ safety. On the other hand, our security advisories keep you updated on nearby threats and advise you on product updates if needed.

Protected in every aspect

We utilize our in-house production sites’ knowledge and give it to our clients. We also combine this with our know-how in developing and producing our products and services. By integrating deep domain and industry-specific discernment into that cybersecurity awareness, we make a good foundation for cybersecurity planning.

Types of Network Security that we offer

We at TechKooks offer various types of network security, and just by implementing them, you can strengthen your network. Everything ranging from unapproved entries, invasions, and other unwanted risks around your traffic and data is neutralized by network security. Check some important types of available network security

Email Security

Email central, among other possible gateways for security compromises, appears to be the most popular threat vector. Attackers skillfully design double-edged phishing emails, tailoring them to every recipient along with social engineering technological methods to lure the victim and redirect him/her to unsafe sites. To keep important data from going missing, an email security solution is in place to prevent outgoing messages from leaving the office network and incoming threats.


Internal and external networks, including the Internet, are separated by a firewall, which acts as a reputable and less reputable division. They create traffic by enforcing a selected set of rules. Firewalls can be comprised of software, hardware, or a combination of these.

Email Security
Network Segmentation

Network Segmentation

The software-defined segmentation categorizes network traffic and helps enforce security rules. The best approach is to classify based on the specialized identities - i.e., endpoint devices – so that the digital identity takes precedence over the IP address. Too many things are done to:

  • Ensure that the right access is given to the right individuals
  • The questionable ones are controlled and remediated
  • Access permits can be arranged through roles, positions, and other elements.

Access Control

The network has to be user-friendly. You must scrutinize every user and device so no attacker can exploit it. A good set of security policies will follow this. Access would be restricted or blocked depending on the type of non-compliant endpoint device. Network access control (NAC) is this process apart from other processes.


Sandboxing is another cybersecurity technique that involves the execution or opening of files on a host computer from a completely different operating environment. It simulates a secure environment where users can operate and test out codes. To keep threats off the network, sandboxing aims merely to open the code and files and detect illicit action.

Access Control
Cloud Network Security

Cloud Network Security

Workloads or applications are no longer just stuck in a traditional data center at a nearby place or on the business premises. To build a strong data center in the cloud age, new measures for responsiveness and innovativeness have to be taken to compensate for the flow of applications to the cloud.

Web security

An online security solution is aimed at limiting access to hazardous websites, impeding webbased risks, and monitoring employee internet use. Local and cloud safety gateway will filter and protect your web. "Web security" is the other aspect that talks about your actions to prevent the abuse or hacking of your website.

Why Choose us

Experienced Team

The team employed at our organization has a decade of experience in Network Security. They own industry-recognized certifications, have been bounties, and regularly contribute to the wider penetrative testing community.

Customer Service

When it comes down to the choice between implementing security testing or looking for a long-term partner to safeguard your IT assets, we offer smart alternatives and options that can be tailored to your company’s needs and made comprehensive.

Customer Support

The cybersecurity engineers in our support team are counted on for their reliability, dedication, and experience. We commit to surpassing your expectations by providing easy and available solutions through simple ways to solve your complex cybersecurity problem.


TechKooks delivers premium quality, value-added, and innovative network security services. These services give an edge to the customer by surpassing expectations and greatly increasing customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

TechKooks employs advanced technologies and comprehensive solutions like firewalls, email security, and access control to safeguard networks.

Simply reach out to us through our website or mail us regarding your needs.

TechKooks stands out for its comprehensive solutions, industry expertise, commitment to innovation, and customer-centric approach.

Yes, TechKooks has an incident response team ready to assist in the event of a cyberattack.

The timeframe for implementing network security solutions can never be the same. It varies with the scope and complexity of the project.

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Network Security Threats And Attacks

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Network Security Threats And Attacks
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