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Information technology (IT) consulting comprises a wide range of services, including all the activities of making enterprises use the latest transformative software and designing. It also demands paying for a stable, change-ready infrastructure and effectively managing IT resources and assets. TechKooks’s IT consulting covers all IT ecosystem components, providing strategic advisory services and implementation. TechKooks is ahead of the curve when it comes to tech advancements. In a world where everything is moving fast, we offer our deep tech expertise to recommend much more than just consultancy.

IT Consulting Services That We Offer

IT Consulting Services That We Offer

Experience an amazing technological transformation with TechKooks. We're not just founding advisors; we work with you to improve your software architecture while developing a technology-focused digital development path. The competent software engineers who flawlessly transform the software portfolio are the joints that keep the digital change strategic and well-executed, and we have them all.

Optimized Software Portfolio

Our IT consulting staff carry out a thorough examination of your business operations and the software systems that you apply. Once we assess your enterprise software and mobile strategies, we offer advice on adjustments, development, and integrations that could be helpful in organizing your data in such a way that will accelerate efficiency.

IT Strategy & Planning

The most commonly hired service that we provide is strategic IT planning. You heard it correctly! Strategic IT is our key differentiator as it enables us to provide you with investments that will prepare your company for all the unknowns and challenges that may arise in the future. At TechKooks, we help you enhance your existing IT plans or build new ones by linking your business aims to an action plan with short- and long-term goals.

IT Budgeting

IT budget and strategic IT planning are 2 sides of the same coin. Conversely, building a technology budget without an adequate awareness of the needs of your company is a daunting task. Our financial team at TechKooks will develop a customized IT Budget together with you to take into account your:

IT Assessments

Depending on when this network was set up, having layers upon layers of hardware and software is common. They were said to be deemed safe and secure at some point but might now have led to security gaps and wastefulness that were not there initially. The professionals at TechKooks can analyze your information technology infrastructure and determine if your current technology supports or damages your business. After completing the assessment, you’ll get an autonomously prepared report listing the primary improvement areas with the priority suggestions.

Security Risk Assessments

With your company becoming more dependent on technology, the risk related to it also increases. No matter what the size of a single data breach or ransomware attack is, clients can face unexpected loss, legal issues, and reputation degradation. We provide extended help for cybersecurity assessment to identify your risk. We do it to come up with a plan that ensures we are rigid against such threats. We take steps to address these threats and vulnerabilities.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Many organizations here are subject to compliance with regulations and standards. To name a few, HIPAA, FINRA, PCI-DSS, NIST/CMMC, and ISO are leading the list. TechKooks incorporated risk assessments for compliance readiness, gaps analysis, correction planning, and audit preparation. Our IT management ensures that your company is on the right track to compliance in the industry. We develop and maintain transparent and clear policies as well as robust documentation.

Security Risk Assessments
Cloud and Data Migration services.

Cloud and Data Migration services.

Many companies are in the process of transferring their applications and data from dedicated data centers to private or public clouds for the following reasons:

  • To save costs
  • Increase the level of security
  • Ensure the degree of redundancy

Our IT consulting services will help you to formulate the best cloud migration strategy. It may also ensure that cloud security is top-notch. We will take you step by step through the pros and cons, analyze providers, calculate costs, and ultimately make a plan to guarantee an effective cloud migration progress.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC / DR)

Every business goes through an interruption and merely a contingency plan. It will ensure your business doesn’t cease operating even during such incidents. TechKooks is an information technology consulting organization. Here, we are trying to help you to create a BC/DR plan that involves employees communicating in crises. These plans are the right places where they will look for information and have a way of accessing tools and procedures they need to perform their jobs in any situation.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Why Choose us

Market-tested digital transformation framework

TechKooks has been working to enhance our corporate processes and technical proficiency in both business domains as a part of our client’s technological and advisory teams, which are analogous to a hosting provider and the client in partnership. Within our operations, we are communicating the idea of protecting the environment and doing it. Nevertheless, we acknowledge that companies experience technical development-related issues at different levels and in different industries.

Tailored Assessments

We can provide you with a full range of digital transformation services, as our team members are experts in the domain of IT and very familiar with the architecture of IT. When enterprises are aware that they fall into the category of the ones with the digital capability gap, they come to us with that information. Our role is to demonstrate the problem and provide the problem with context. The most important part is to find a specific solution to better fill the gaps if there are any.

Reduced risk and cost of transformations

We acknowledge that you have a persuasive justification for replacing out of-date systems and taking other tech digital transformation matters to the next level. However, there may be disruption, congestion, and ecological instability due to intervention. Our goal here is to be with you during your journey and help you in every step.

Experienced Team

Our specialists in digital transformation start with quick wins or low-disruptive modifications, and then they map them into big-scale company-wide changes. We dig up and replace ineffective systems and inferior units with appropriate new solutions that make up your virtual skeleton. We help clients with the entire digital transformation, which works quickly and scales across the business using a co-creation approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

TechKooks conducts thorough assessments and consultations to tailor strategies precisely to your business needs.

TechKooks provides a wide range of IT consulting services. These services include strategic planning, cloud transition, security assessments, and more.

TechKooks stands out for its forward-thinking approach, deep expertise, and commitment to delivering customized solutions anticipating future needs.

TechKooks prioritizes continuous learning and participation in training programs and industry events to stay abreast of emerging trends and innovations.

TechKooks offers specialized expertise, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and a focus on strategic planning, providing a competitive edge over traditional in-house IT departments.

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